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Dr. Patti "Diamondlady" Diamond, DD

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Vernon, BC
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Dr. Patti "Diamondlady" Diamond, DD, is a universally celebrated author, speaker, and spiritual mentor within the resonance of Spiritual Oneness. She is currently the author of two books, "Life Long Learning ~ Transforming Learning; Discovering Learning Through Living Life in Unlimitless Possibilities" and "Stepping Into Spiritual Oneness ~ Spiritual Rememberings of the Soul Through Life Experience", "Love Changes Everything....For Love IS Everything" and "Song of the Princess"; and has appeared on various radio shows and within articles of international publications. She is a Spiritual Medium, Spiritual Mentor, Visionary, and has been gifted by Spirit as an Ascended Master. As a clear conduit of the Divine, Patti channels the wisdom of Spirit within Multi~Dimensional ways to inspire each soul to develop their own inner voice of the soul of who they are and brings the gifts of Infinite Healing, Absoulute Love or Soulful Love, Light, and Peace to all whom she inspires. She is the “Diamondlady”, the soul whom brings forth the Diamond energy of Lemuria to this earth within infinite ways.

  She enkindles souls to experience the light within their soulful BEing and facilitates Spiritual Oneness Partnership by empowering all souls to connect with, trust in, and follow their own souls guidance free from the illusions of limiting beliefs. Patti's Healing Light seeks to remind us that when you live from your heart, your soul guides you rather than the illusion of this earth dimension we call as fear and doubt.. To be living from your heart, from your soul, and your intuition, free from limitation, is to bring Bliss and Absoulute Love into your life experience and within the lives of all those whom you inspire which in turn illuminates the universe in an infinite circle.

  Dr. Patti "Diamondlady" Diamond, DD is the Director of The Diamondlight Spiritual Oneness Centre and also co~creator of the OneSoul REALationship Series along with her spiritual partner Chris Madsen. This Centre is a global, Multi-Dimensional and trans-denominational spiritual community whose doors are open to all souls to assist each soul within the spiritual transformation of the soul. Our centre provides Vibrational Healing that nourishes the Infinite Well~BEing of the body and the soul through the remembering of the Spiritual Oneness Light we all are and BEing in selfless service to all souls of the Universe.

  Dr. Diamond also provides Spiritual Mentoring, Spiritual Readings, healings, and counsel on how to transform your life into the Oneness that you are, that we all are. Her gift to all souls is to illuminate the Spiritual Oneness Infinite Light BEing that they are through Spiritual TwinSoul Partnership with Spirit as One Soul so that we all may come to Remember, Embrace, and Soulfully Treasure or R.E.S.T. within the GOD, the Gift Of Divinity that we all already and always, in all ways, ARE (A Revolving Experience of, A Revolving Expression of). By simultaneously experiencing our Oneness, as well as ,our individuality, Patti's vision is that of seeing this earth dimension as simply whole, perfect, and complete as it IS (Infinitely Spiritual), where Absoulute Love is seen as the natural resonance that occurs when we let go of fear and the illusions of limiting beliefs and step into the OM, the One Moment of Love and Light. For more of Dr. Patti's beautiful creations please visit

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