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Ethics and Principles for Healers, Psychics and Mediums.

Posted on September 28, 2010 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Ethics and Principles for Healers, Psychics and Mediums.


Although I know this topic has been discussed in the past I feel the need to bring it up again.  (Mostly so that I feel convicted with my own ethics in my service to others).  From time to time I get caught up in life and then after the fact remember that I was not adhering to my beliefs in this matter.  When I can I usually make a correction and fix the mistake.  However I know for certain that I have never pushed the envelope like some have.  (Recent discussions have put a bee in my bonnet).


Why is it even important to have Ethics and Principles with your metaphysical services?  The first and foremost answer to this for me would have to be “the nature” of your gifts.  We are given these talents so we can assist and teach others in need.  Spirit is in no need of money (stating the obvious) and I have come to understand that this is not something you make a million at if you want to come from your heart in all you do.  The other hand is all about energy exchange and making sure we are not used or drained in our service to others.  Then we need our metaphysical services to be balanced between the two extremes.  That balance is created by work ethics and principles.  Balance is also created by teaching others so that they are not dependent on you to do for them.


Please feel free to add in your own to this list – as I am always open to expanding myself in this area.


* I do not charge for anyone under 17 years of age.  Even then I would only work with a minor if the parents are giving me permission to do so.


*I offer to work with disabled (handy-cap is a different category) for exchange or donation.  I am honored to accept any offering in this category.  Disable is defined by someone who is unable to work due to a disability.


*I never refuse to help someone who can not pay me.  It seems just outrageous to me that anyone would do service to the great creator and imply that it is not available to those who are in financial hardship.  How do I protect myself from deception in this area?  I don’t worry about it.  If someone is in that state of mind that they need to deceive me – I know ahead of time.  I know for sure that they really need healing.  Guess what – it is so rare I can count the number of times on one hand.


*I do not charge if the request comes from spirit.  From time to time spirit will come to me with a message to deliver to someone in the physical.  As it is impossible to charge spirit (laughs)I do not COD.  :D  I ask spirit to help me all the time – so the energy exchange is me doing something just for them for a change.


*I tell the elderly that I will work for free and most of the time I end up getting wonderful home cooked meals in exchange.  They are all my elders, the reason why I am here.  I honor the chance to help them out with spiritual matters.


*I keep my prices reasonable as a way of reminder myself that I am just a communicator – it is spirit who does the work.


*I do straight exchanges with other practitioners.


* There are times I am just told by my guides to not charge and I follow there advice.


Now I know that there are many great healers, psychics and mediums out there that charge a lot to the public eye – but there are just as many who have taken the road to come from the heart in all they do.  This rant is not meant to put anyone down –but to help me reaffirm how I do what I do.




I would love to have some feed back please.

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Has anyone noticed a difference in the energy this fall?  Has it felt rather unsteady?

What about the full moon just passed?  Was there any strange things going on in your world.  Unusual Grumpiness, or anger.  Doesn't need to be from you but around you?

Does anyone have any manifestation stories to share?  Or spiritual stories to share.  I would love to hear them.

I have had some really intersting deep spiritual stuff going on and then had life switch over to material drama.  That is why I am asking about the unsteady energy.  The full moon was a good time for me, however I have heard from a lot of people that they were either feeling grumpy themselves or the witness to anger and rage in someone else.


Power verses Force

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Power verses Force:


There is a line in a song I really enjoy which goes, “Every where you look, you could write a book on what’s going on.”  As I move into the older and wiser stage of my life I have been reflecting on influences and global community.  How does one stand out, and make a difference in these times when there are so many things going on that need attention?


The key for me is “to be the change you want to see” and that comes down to power verses force. Being in your power or being empowered is the way to expressing a lasting influence on a personal and therefore a global level.  Empowerment comes from within and is present in influential historical figures through time.


Eight Steps to switch over from force to power in your day to day lives.


Humility:  To practice humility daily means always taking the time to walk in the other person’s shoes.  You won’t need to be right, just compassionate.  Living humility means letting go of personal history.  It takes a good deal of courage to be detached enough from out come to be humble.


Gratitude:  Breath Gratitude – then you will never miss an opportunity to offer service to source.  From the moment you awake start with being grateful that you have another day here on this planet to do good, act lovingly and express creativity.  The first person who you should show your gratitude towards is yourself.  Do not forget that.  If you can be truly grateful to yourself then all gratitude towards others will flow from that.


Passion:  Passion should be playful and spontaneous.   Passion is the expression of what comes from the heart, and therefore is fundamental in understanding power verses force.  Dare to passionately imagine.  Passion will give you the means to attract all that you need into your life without being greedy.


Grace:  Grace is allowing the beauty to come through in the moment.  Most of us understand grace in a limited way as something you receive – as it is portrayed in the gospel hymn Amazing Grace.  I have come to understand grace as something you can give to others, something that is needed in all times in all situations. Grace is the recognition of a love granted to all of us from source and if we choose it’s the unconditional support we can then share with others.


Discernment:  A pause so you can gain insight in the moment.  Understanding where you end and I begin.  It is the opposite of enmeshment however when practiced daily on a spiritual level it is not conditional.  It goes with living in Grace.


Acceptance:  God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.  This says it all.  For me acceptance is an offering and this offering begins with acceptance of the authentic you.


Surrender:    One of the hardest things to do in my opinion,and something that continues to challenge me on a daily basis.  This is the practice of detachment to outcome.  This is being able to pick and choose what you want to give you energy too and at the same time understanding that the greater good might mean you do not get your own way.   Learning surrender will improve your mental and emotional health, enlighten your spirit and ease your burdens.


Integrity:  Add a spoonful of integrity to all things in life.  Without integrity you have no power – without integrity you are nothing but force.  Being able to say I recommend only that which I have personal experience with, never judging something based on what someone tells you, and being open minded in your pursuit of knowledge.


I am sure that you noticed: none of these eight steps are new.  In fact you can find them in proverbs, virtues or Zen for that matter.  Repeated through the centuries but still not out dated. These are the principles which make masters and leaders and leave a lasting influence through history.  These are the qualities that make a person Buddha like, Christ like, Mohammad like –and so on.  These are the qualities that will make a difference today, are needed today, and will change the way the future unfolds tomorrow.


Be the change…



Channeled message from Aza and Ezajabah - end of days means renewal

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Channeled message from Aza and Ezajabah:


2010 is the year of understanding for many.  Desensitization is over, and everyone is waking up to see things as they really are. Everyone is newly sensitive to all they are interactive with.


Now that the vibration of the planet has risen to a new frequency all of its inhabitants have become like a razors edge against untruths.  What this means is that you are all more in control than you think. What this means is that you are in control for the first time in many lives.


Dormant empathic and telepathic connections, knowledge and language are expedient in a rebirth of true science and technology.  As it is rampant world wide there will be noway of stopping it.  All the prophecy from ancient peoples about end of days has been planted in view of all of you to witness.  In these prophecies end of days means rebirth and it needs to be made perfectly clear that the Earth is not going to end but renewed.


The awakening awareness you are all experiencing is that rebirth.  It also means you are now able to create and become in a new way.


You need to experience and test out this new way, so have fun with it.  Explore your new world and understandings.  Create.  Conjure. Design.  Discuss.  Be reminded that the old way of doing things is behind you, and that it is possible now to achieve things in an entirely different way.  Don’t be limited by preconceived ideas.  However also know this applies to every system in your world.  It is limitless and also unknown.


Create what is to be the future; be childlike in your experiences as you are in the child stage of this new way.  Let go and become.



(originally for print in the threads that bind us newsletter.)

Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1 and 2)

Yurts anyone?

Posted on July 20, 2010 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I am working on a project in Lumby with a friend and Shaman Victoria Willard.  She and her hubby own a property in Lumby where they are deicated to sustainable and affordable living.

The project includes designing a center for the communties use that will. serve as an example of sustainable and affordable living.  The center will also provide a venue for teaching others about being off the grid, back to basics healthy living, spirituality without dogma - coming from the heart, and life style skills for the future.

In this new blog category I will be posting pictures, storys, information, and journals of my journey along this path.

I am also looking forward to moving onto the property in Lumby sometime in the future.


Can you tell me ... a Question about readings and healings

Posted on July 14, 2010 at 10:44 AM Comments comments (2)

I wanted to know just what makes a reading or healing a success in your words.  Is it a connection to the person doing the reading or healing?  Is it confidence?  Is it accuracy?

No names in you reply please... I don't want this to turn into an advertisement.


Getting a consultation or reading - how does it work?

Posted on March 5, 2010 at 12:18 PM Comments comments (0)

From time to time I like to talk about getting a consultation or psychic reading so that everyone knows just how it works.


First misconception: just because someone is psychic or a medium it does not mean they can read minds.  That is just not how it works. Sure there are a rare few people who can telepathically know what someone is thinking.  That type of connection usually occurs between people who know each other well.


A psychic gains information by various means from a persons aura energy.  A psychic uses cards, or divination tools to do an in depth communication based on a direction from a client.


A medium gains information from spirit and may also use tools to do so.  It is necessary to give the medium permission or a direction to follow in the form of a question.


With both methods the energy is increased and a better reading attained if the client is interacting.  This is done by the reader communicating the information being received from the tarot cards or directly from spirit and the client confirming that the reader is interpreting the information correctly.  Communication encourages the messages strength.


Occasionally a client will come and not want to disclose a question.  I will ask, "Is there a question you want me to focus onto start with?"  I will get back, "I don't know - you’re the psychic."   In that case there is a belief on the part of the client that the reader should be all knowing.  It makes the reading harder to do and less accurate.  Here is why.  A reader needs permission to look in any direction about another person.  It is not like we walk around all day 24/7 seeing and hearing information about others.  That would be overwhelming to say the least.  Readers need permission from a person, or from spirit to explore.

Now if you are looking for proof of live after death and feel that is only ascertained by not interacting with the reader that can happen. However interacting will increase the chances that the reader will understand what they are being shown if they are able to interact with the client about it.


Just imagine being Aunt Edna and communicating with the medium information that you know your niece has been asking for. Then the client just refuses to confirm or deny any of it.  Wouldn’t you eventually give up after feeling like you are just talking to yourself?


The other extreme would be giving the medium too much information.  That is equally frustrating for the reader.  If the client talks too much spirit will also get frustrated and pull back because of the opposite reason, because of not being able to get a word in edgewise.

I want to encourage everyone to ask your reader questions.  Ask them how there ability works.  Ask how the reading works, what part they should play in it, and what the expectations should be.  A good reader will be able to answer any and all questions you may have about the process.




Local Gia?

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I had an interesting experience while I was up at Cherry-ville last weekend.

On my way up there I was telepathically talking to the land and the area.  I was introducing myself so that the local energy beings understood clearly where I was coming from, what my intentions were.

The result of that was a great sense of peace while I was there.  The land is need of a offering and blessing - of which i have been aware of for some time.  As it is not my land - i have instead being encouraging the owners to smudge themselves.  I was happy to know that my conversation with spirit on the way up had paved they way for me having a feeling of acceptance.

However there was more than that which happened as a result.  Both on Friday and Saturday night (in my dreams) I was approach by what I would call "Local Gia" or the "Lady of the Land".  Both time I was visited by her she stood far off in the distant sky, and did most of the talking.  I wish I was able to tell you exactly what she said, but I know at the time we were talking I understood completely.  It was not English ...

I would wake up and go hey that was ... wait a minute what had we been talking about .. then I would fall right back to sleep and pick up where I left off.

I wanted to ask if anyone else has had an experience with Local Gia?

What does Value add mean to you?

Posted on January 3, 2010 at 1:09 PM Comments comments (0)

I want to make my 2010 all about value add with all that I do, my interactions with other people and the where i decide to place my energy.

To start with I would like to hear back from everyone as to what the term "value add" means to you?

When I use that term I am speaking about energy exchanges.  Now whether we exchange in monetary terms or in trade do any of us stop to see whether what we receive or what we give is "Value added".

I am going to be checking myself on this everyday in all that I do and keeping it balanced as to what the exchanges outcome is.  If it becomes unbalanced then I will be taking measures to counteract and recenter again.

So in the classes I attend, where I spend my money, the things I exchange with others, the classes I teach and the events I participate in will all need to fit into my idea of "value add".

Here is some examples:

  • Educating myself on hand writing analysis so that I can provide that as a service to others.   The training can be low cost and done from my home.  The service can be provided to others at a low cost, in a short period of time and there fore provide answers to more people.

  • Teaching development courses that are all encompassing at a low cost to small groups of people.  Offering these courses multiple times through out the year.  The courses will be designed to create independence rather than dependency.  Doing this instead of a by donation only development circles that work on individual aspects of spiritual development = value add

  • Taking care to only do exchanges when the benefit to both parties is equal in it's exchange.  Rather than accepting healings that are not really needed or offering them to people who do not need them so that I can benefit.  A good example of this is my hair cut exchange with Tammy.  She is a fantastic hair dresser who is recovering from a car accident.  Healings are needed for her and her hair cuts are needed for me.  This is a value add exchange.

  • Taking time to spend my money wisely, and in places that add to my community and to the planet as a whole.  This is something I do already but it is certainly something I want to continue to do.  I will also recognize that driving somewhere to pick up an item that is advertised for free is a value add exchange.  My time and gas money when added to the useful item and removal of it from someone else house is an equal exchange that adds benefit to both parties.

These are just a few examples - what others can you think of?  Are you doing this for yourself now or would this also work for you in the future.