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East Coast Adventure

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Please note that I am currently living in Newfoundland for the next two years due to my husband’s job, and during that time, writing a book on Extra Sensory perceptions and rescue mediumship.

I am available to my West Coast family via Skype only at this time

Anyone on Newfoundland can contact me via this site.

Thank you, Lois

Calendar and issues

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Recently I have been having issues with my calendar on the web site.  The times are defaulting  and I do not seem to be able to change them.  So I moved the calendar to invisable for now.  As soon as I can get this problem permanantly fixed I will let you know.


Message from Aza and Ezajabah in regards to the Earth Changes and our experience of them.

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The first time I heard Moby was during an Xfiles episode titled "All Things".  It was the haunting "Sky is broken"  playing while Scully uses her heart to reexamine the purpose her life and all she has seen.  That sound and feeling has been on my mind lately and it fits with my current exploration with my spirit guides.

 I want to say once again (yes here i go repeating myself - sorry bout that!) I am very grateful to the "all that is" and my guides for downloading so much so early.  I am not having to deal with the psychic overload, sensory perceptions and grief at the same time.  Thank you so much for the loving care you have given to me.

 It is hard enough to have family and friends on the West Coast at this time.  My beloved daughter is there too.  I put them all in Gods hands as there is not much I can do.  It gets tiring after a while to tell people you are close to about such gloom and doom.

 I start this in 1986 actually, with my mentor/teacher Frank Vassil.  I was in my teens still - seeing things that overwhelmed me, terrified me and caused me to make rash decisions.  Part of my learning curve is that I learned discernment then - you can lead a horse to water...


For many years my visions and feelings about the earth changes lay dormant - until 2008 when it all started again.  I have written about this before so I won't repeat the entire vision.  I was in the WalMart parking lot when I was shown a pattern of earth quakes and given information about them.


I will pass the blog over to my guides at this point.


(Aza)  I have been talking to Lois since 2007 about the Earth Magnetic Fields.  The activity going on since about 2004 has been directly related to the planets need to replenish and repair this major system.  The plate tectonic activity, the storms, the volcanic activity, and the axis movement is all part of this repair.


The Natural MF of the planet has been depleted by the unnatural emf's that is produced by the archaic power system structure ( for Lois it is BC Hydro).  I don't want you to assume that this means it is the only thing going on at this time.  I do want you to know that it is what I consider to be the most important thing.


With out the correction to the MF of this planet you as a species will remain vulnerable to many dangers.  The biggest one is solar flares, and sun activity.


Little has been done by science to monitor and research these fields,.  It is an unknown or fringe science (for lack of a better term).  I shake my head at the economic situation on your planet that has led to a stifling of innovation, health and well being.  The ley lines, earth energies and magnetic fields are the circulatory systems and nerve pathways of the planet.  Your current system has left the planet anemic, and weak.  Vulnerable to the outside universe.


Here you are on the brink of ascension to the fifth dimension, when you should have a strong planet and environment.  Instead you are entering into it with the equivalent to an auto immune disease.  The Earth has no choice but to make drastic changes to protect herself and all the occupants.


I think that you are taking the hard long road.


The world is not going to end, there will still be many people after this is over (around 2015) - but it is going to be harder than it needs to be,  If the planet had your co operation and assistance - things would be easier for everyone.  If you were paying attention to all the help and guidance being given at this time...


You need to be prepared for a change to a new energy system - the transition is going to take nessecity to implement.  Greed and Egos are in the way of nature.


(Ezajabah)  I want to carry on from where Lois and Aza left off.


Early last week I was showing Lois what is going on with us physically while she was doing a healing on a friend.  This information can be helpful to everyone.  For those of you experienceing dizziness, ringing in the ears and and over all feeling of anxiety - please pay attention.


Since the beginning of the ascension process you have all been going through changes to your energy bodies.  Some of you may know this already while others are just hearing this for the first time.  Don't be surprised if it makes sense of some symptoms you have been trying to understand.


Everyone has had a change going on to two of the minor chakras.  They are becoming major/minor chakras,  They are inline and positioned with the 7 main chakras and will be a part of that system when fully developed and functioning.


There is one just below the root chakra - near your knees.  It's function is to broaden your connection to each other.  It is also vital that it develop so that your heart chakras can become what they need to be.  (in total there will be 12 chakra's - not for many more years though).  At times you will feel off balance, sluggish, drained, or lose the ability to communicate for short periods because of this chakra's growth.  They are all short term effects.  Awareness of this chakra will make it easier to adjust too.  This chakra is related to the physical.


The other major/minor chakra is located in the area between your heart and throat chakra.  It's function  is related to the immune system, hormone production, and astral levels.  It works with the Thyroid, Thymus, and Adrenals.  So short term symptoms are occurring in these organs.  You will have trouble balancing your hormone levels, energy levels, and thoughts.  Once again knowledge of this is going to be helpful with adjusting to these changes.


Now what you are not likely to know about is the development of a forth energy body.  This has occurred just recently to those who have their 8th and 9th chakra in place and functioning.


We need that fourth energy body to work in the fifth dimension. We need to be able to function when the shift occurs.  How does this look?  You will see people with an astral body next to there physical.  Then out from that in order will be the celestial, etheric, and the new forth one is the Ketheric.  As the new chakras in place connect us in new ways physically this new energy body gives you a heart connection to source beyond what we are capable of without it.  So now you will have a creative, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual representation in those energy bodies surrounding you.


As the planet changes her systems to become healthy and repaired, so it inhabitants need to reflect those changes.  You are not alone in experiencing this event, this ascension and change to the fifth dimension.  It has been planned for a long long time.


However those watching are not going to become apparent until after the change takes place.  We watch from the side lines, helping in our limited ways when asked too - praying that our loved ones will make it through!  I say this just to reaffirm it is going to be you picking the wheat, milling it, grinding it to flour and baking the bread.  No one is going to come (yet) and do it for you.  There is no magic wand.



(back to Lois)  There is more to be said so I will be blogging about this more in the future.  There is more beyond just the earth quakes, volcanoes, and storms.  We as a global culture are going from our childhood to our teen years... I will talk about that in the future.


Thank you everyone for reading.  Please feel free to add or comment.

Lois, Aza, Ezajabah.

This is our responsibility, we are the caretakers of the planet.

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Take a moment to stop and think this coming week.

Look, read and listen to all that is going on around the world this year.

This is our responsibility as caretakers of this planet - and our garden is dieing.

It goes beyond the experience of the EarthQuake in Japan.  It is in our back yards, at the places we work, in the food we eat, and the company we keep.  It is in the wars, the failing monetary systems, the poor health care, the starving, the Monsanto monopoly, the over deforestation, the over mining, the pollution, the use of fossil fuels, the political corruption, the few who control the many - and the lack of our own person power.

The time has come, we are the ones we have been waiting for.  Do something different now, today!  Take a step towards opening your heart centers again and care for this Mother.

She is worn and weak.

Use this catastrophe in Japan to awake your own consciousness.  Take a look around you and really see for the first time ever.


Time online

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Hello everyone

I am going to be house-sitting in the lower mainland from Dec 27 to Jan 21,  During that time I have access to the high speed internet and will be available online.

I look forward to being able to talk to you all again!

Update for the internet access at the cabin (my home).  We will be saving up the money to get a cell internet connection through Bell - probably sometime in Feb this will happen.  Then I will be back online as regular.


Nov. 1st down time

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As of Nov. 1st 2010 I will be without internet access from my place of residence.

I am still researching and thinking through the details on what system/isp I want to use and what is available.

I will check when I am in Vernon but please note it is best to call me if you need anything.


Power verses Force

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Power verses Force:


There is a line in a song I really enjoy which goes, “Every where you look, you could write a book on what’s going on.”  As I move into the older and wiser stage of my life I have been reflecting on influences and global community.  How does one stand out, and make a difference in these times when there are so many things going on that need attention?


The key for me is “to be the change you want to see” and that comes down to power verses force. Being in your power or being empowered is the way to expressing a lasting influence on a personal and therefore a global level.  Empowerment comes from within and is present in influential historical figures through time.


Eight Steps to switch over from force to power in your day to day lives.


Humility:  To practice humility daily means always taking the time to walk in the other person’s shoes.  You won’t need to be right, just compassionate.  Living humility means letting go of personal history.  It takes a good deal of courage to be detached enough from out come to be humble.


Gratitude:  Breath Gratitude – then you will never miss an opportunity to offer service to source.  From the moment you awake start with being grateful that you have another day here on this planet to do good, act lovingly and express creativity.  The first person who you should show your gratitude towards is yourself.  Do not forget that.  If you can be truly grateful to yourself then all gratitude towards others will flow from that.


Passion:  Passion should be playful and spontaneous.   Passion is the expression of what comes from the heart, and therefore is fundamental in understanding power verses force.  Dare to passionately imagine.  Passion will give you the means to attract all that you need into your life without being greedy.


Grace:  Grace is allowing the beauty to come through in the moment.  Most of us understand grace in a limited way as something you receive – as it is portrayed in the gospel hymn Amazing Grace.  I have come to understand grace as something you can give to others, something that is needed in all times in all situations. Grace is the recognition of a love granted to all of us from source and if we choose it’s the unconditional support we can then share with others.


Discernment:  A pause so you can gain insight in the moment.  Understanding where you end and I begin.  It is the opposite of enmeshment however when practiced daily on a spiritual level it is not conditional.  It goes with living in Grace.


Acceptance:  God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.  This says it all.  For me acceptance is an offering and this offering begins with acceptance of the authentic you.


Surrender:    One of the hardest things to do in my opinion,and something that continues to challenge me on a daily basis.  This is the practice of detachment to outcome.  This is being able to pick and choose what you want to give you energy too and at the same time understanding that the greater good might mean you do not get your own way.   Learning surrender will improve your mental and emotional health, enlighten your spirit and ease your burdens.


Integrity:  Add a spoonful of integrity to all things in life.  Without integrity you have no power – without integrity you are nothing but force.  Being able to say I recommend only that which I have personal experience with, never judging something based on what someone tells you, and being open minded in your pursuit of knowledge.


I am sure that you noticed: none of these eight steps are new.  In fact you can find them in proverbs, virtues or Zen for that matter.  Repeated through the centuries but still not out dated. These are the principles which make masters and leaders and leave a lasting influence through history.  These are the qualities that make a person Buddha like, Christ like, Mohammad like –and so on.  These are the qualities that will make a difference today, are needed today, and will change the way the future unfolds tomorrow.


Be the change…



Channeled message from Aza and Ezajabah - end of days means renewal

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Channeled message from Aza and Ezajabah:


2010 is the year of understanding for many.  Desensitization is over, and everyone is waking up to see things as they really are. Everyone is newly sensitive to all they are interactive with.


Now that the vibration of the planet has risen to a new frequency all of its inhabitants have become like a razors edge against untruths.  What this means is that you are all more in control than you think. What this means is that you are in control for the first time in many lives.


Dormant empathic and telepathic connections, knowledge and language are expedient in a rebirth of true science and technology.  As it is rampant world wide there will be noway of stopping it.  All the prophecy from ancient peoples about end of days has been planted in view of all of you to witness.  In these prophecies end of days means rebirth and it needs to be made perfectly clear that the Earth is not going to end but renewed.


The awakening awareness you are all experiencing is that rebirth.  It also means you are now able to create and become in a new way.


You need to experience and test out this new way, so have fun with it.  Explore your new world and understandings.  Create.  Conjure. Design.  Discuss.  Be reminded that the old way of doing things is behind you, and that it is possible now to achieve things in an entirely different way.  Don’t be limited by preconceived ideas.  However also know this applies to every system in your world.  It is limitless and also unknown.


Create what is to be the future; be childlike in your experiences as you are in the child stage of this new way.  Let go and become.



(originally for print in the threads that bind us newsletter.)

Indigenous Native American Prophecy (Elders Speak part 1 and 2)

Can you tell me ... a Question about readings and healings

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I wanted to know just what makes a reading or healing a success in your words.  Is it a connection to the person doing the reading or healing?  Is it confidence?  Is it accuracy?

No names in you reply please... I don't want this to turn into an advertisement.