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There is a lot of changes coming up in the later half of 2017.  Stay tuned!


Updates to the Lois' Links page

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I am working on updating my Lois' Links page, mostly adding in things that relate to sustainable living.

Follow the link below to quick access to that page:


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Everything has been fairly busy since August.  The construction on the Straw Bale house is well under way.  Now the time is working against us, once it freezes mudding (adobe) the straw becomes very difficult!  Send us your positive thoughts that we get long Indian summer!

As of November 1st I will be in the little cabin on the property.  This is better for me than moving straight into the Yurt.  Now I have the time to make the needed modifications to it to accommodate my disability.

The little cabin has electricity, running water and propane.  As soon as I can set it up I will have a satellite isp and will be managing my online life that way.  :)

Here is another link I signed up for today.  One that holds the "Be the Change" to heart.  I have signed up there and looking forward to exchanges with new friends!

I am no different that all of you - things are just Happening this fall/winter!

My fiance will be staying with me around the same time I am moving into the cabin.

I am also honored to say that the two border collies, Heart and Soul, will be come to live with me in the cabin!  These two dogs will get to spend there senior years living the lifestyle they were accustomed too.  Care free and loved.

We have changed the schedule at "the threads that bind us".  With me living out in Lumby on the same property as Victoria Willard (the shaman) it makes more sense that we drive into together.  So now Wednesdays is "The Medium, The Witch and The Shaman" day.  We are available from 11 to 3 for all the same services all compacted into one day!  Booked appointments can still be arranged for any other day in the week in advance.

The discussion group night that the three of us host is going to be happening by - weekly starting in November.  We are now offering the podcast on line for all who want to listen to the discussion - I will be posting the links as they happen.

MWS are also working on an online radio show, and a website of there own.

This winter we will be doing a book discussion group on "The Keys Of Enoch".  If you are interested in joining us with this please let me know.  It would be possible to skype into the group.  Details to come soon.


Yurts anyone?

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I am working on a project in Lumby with a friend and Shaman Victoria Willard.  She and her hubby own a property in Lumby where they are deicated to sustainable and affordable living.

The project includes designing a center for the communties use that will. serve as an example of sustainable and affordable living.  The center will also provide a venue for teaching others about being off the grid, back to basics healthy living, spirituality without dogma - coming from the heart, and life style skills for the future.

In this new blog category I will be posting pictures, storys, information, and journals of my journey along this path.

I am also looking forward to moving onto the property in Lumby sometime in the future.


What does Value add mean to you?

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I want to make my 2010 all about value add with all that I do, my interactions with other people and the where i decide to place my energy.

To start with I would like to hear back from everyone as to what the term "value add" means to you?

When I use that term I am speaking about energy exchanges.  Now whether we exchange in monetary terms or in trade do any of us stop to see whether what we receive or what we give is "Value added".

I am going to be checking myself on this everyday in all that I do and keeping it balanced as to what the exchanges outcome is.  If it becomes unbalanced then I will be taking measures to counteract and recenter again.

So in the classes I attend, where I spend my money, the things I exchange with others, the classes I teach and the events I participate in will all need to fit into my idea of "value add".

Here is some examples:

  • Educating myself on hand writing analysis so that I can provide that as a service to others.   The training can be low cost and done from my home.  The service can be provided to others at a low cost, in a short period of time and there fore provide answers to more people.

  • Teaching development courses that are all encompassing at a low cost to small groups of people.  Offering these courses multiple times through out the year.  The courses will be designed to create independence rather than dependency.  Doing this instead of a by donation only development circles that work on individual aspects of spiritual development = value add

  • Taking care to only do exchanges when the benefit to both parties is equal in it's exchange.  Rather than accepting healings that are not really needed or offering them to people who do not need them so that I can benefit.  A good example of this is my hair cut exchange with Tammy.  She is a fantastic hair dresser who is recovering from a car accident.  Healings are needed for her and her hair cuts are needed for me.  This is a value add exchange.

  • Taking time to spend my money wisely, and in places that add to my community and to the planet as a whole.  This is something I do already but it is certainly something I want to continue to do.  I will also recognize that driving somewhere to pick up an item that is advertised for free is a value add exchange.  My time and gas money when added to the useful item and removal of it from someone else house is an equal exchange that adds benefit to both parties.

These are just a few examples - what others can you think of?  Are you doing this for yourself now or would this also work for you in the future.