The Okanagan Medium and Paranormal Consultant

There is a lot of changes coming up in the later half of 2017.  Stay tuned!

About me and my services...

As a child I sat and listened to stories about spirits and paranormal from my father.  Even though he had been raised Catholic and raised us children as Catholic, he believed in communication with spirit and the supernatural.  As a result of genetics and my environment I too had experiences from an earlier age onwards and was allowed to keep my belief in them.


However it was only at the age of 17 when I went to my first reading from my soon to become first Mentor, (Frank George Vassil) that I discovered my abilities to interact with energy of all kinds.  He helped me put into place all the experiences I had over the years and guide me to embracing my gift as a rescue medium.

What is a rescue medium?  How many of you have seen that BBC show on TV called “Rescue Medium” or the fictional “Medium” and “Ghost Whisperer?  Well they deal with the mainstream issues – helping lost or injured spirit cross over.  When I talk about rescue mediumship I mean that “I work to convert and heal energy so that it can be whole to discover God/Goddess full Intent”.  For me it is a broad field from lei lines; to hand on healing; to Feng Shui; to haunting; to thought forms; to imprints; to earth energies; to magnetic fields; to helping spirit cross over and finally to a very small percentage being the removal of lowered and slow energies or beings.

I am blessed as a vehicle for spirit to work through and with – this ability comes from God source.  I have been doing these rescues/clearings for over 25 years now.  What started out as simple experiences has grown too be intricate and deep along with my abilities.  I love this work.  I have nothing else in my life to compare with the feeling I get from engaging energy and being the conduit for the Universe to healing it.

I hope to inspire you with all the information I have to share, teach you about this craft and with luck I will help other uncover your own abilities to work in this field also.

I have been working on becoming a Shaman since 2011, and am nearly finished.  I can provide all shamanic healing services at this time.  In 2014 I completed my metaphysical studies thought the International Metaphysical Ministry via there Bachelors degree.  I am now also an ordained minister and looking forward to having that in my spiritual tool kit this coming year.

Rescue Mediumship Service:

All phone consultations interviews and after the home visit follow up phone calls are free.  I charge 80.00 an hour for the site visit and clearing.  This service includes teaching on any and all levels.  Be prepared to learn how to maintain the spirit rescue and clearing.  My policy is that if I do not teach you how to do this for yourself then it will happen again.  A usual on site visit, lesson, and clearing will take approximately 2 hours.  If I have to travel a long distance to visit with you gas costs are included (my truck does get good mileage though - it is less than a full tank to come to Vancouver).  For now I also offer to do my rescue mediumship for the cost of gas to travel to you if you give me rights to any discovered information, pictures, video, audio and experiences.  I am using my rescue mediumship to blog and compiled a book.  First names used only and no physical address with me used publicly.

Distance services Include:

Readings, Distance Reiki, Paranormal Consultations, and Mentor-ship.  Long distance Reiki is free.  For readings via email, Skype or over the phone I charge dollar a minute and 1.50 for a couple.  For Distance Paranormal consultations and Mentor-ship it is by donation.


In Person Services Include:

Readings, Shanan Healing, Reiki, Healing Matrix, Quantum Touch, EFT, Paranormal Consultations, and Mentor-ship, and Spiritual classes.  My price for Readings, Healing, Paranormal Consultations are a $1.00 a minute/$1.50 a minute for couples.  So 15 minutes is $15.00, 1 hour is $60.00.  Classes are to be announced priced to be affordable for everyone.

Ministry: I am working towards providing regular Traditional Spiritual Service around BC.  I am also hoping to do this once a month in Vernon.  A traditional Spiritual service includes the seven principles of spiritualism, and a demonstration of mediumship.

Currently: I am in Newfoundland working on a book of Extra Sensory Perception and Rescue Mediumship.  I will be back in BC sometime in the fall of 2017.

Please NOTE:  I am considerate of the elderly, and disabled.  I usually accept donation and mostly work for trade if this is the case. I will not refuse to work for someone who is not able to pay me.  Trades can always be worked out.  I never ever charge for children under 17.  If my Rescue Mediumship services will include working with anyone under 17 it is free during that part of the on site visit.